Service Provider Implementation

An e-mail service provider helps you send e-mails to your customers, it’s important to choose the right one for your business needs and implement correctly. Here’s our process:

  • Find the perfect email marketing platform specific for your business needs
  • Integrate with current data sources
  • Get up and running within days
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Email Marketing Strategy

From newsletters to more complex reminder e-mails it’s important to develop a smart e-mail strategy interacting with customer at the right moment and frequency. Here’s what we offer:

  • Establish clear goals of e-mail marketing
  • Develop an effective e-mail marketing strategy
  • Plan relevant content that engages customers
  • Develop a structured e-mail marketing calendar
Email Marketing Strategy

Campaign Scheduling 

We can take care of all campaign scheduling if desired, maximising the potential of your e-mail service provider.

  • Template creation
  • Campaign setup
  • Subject line & pre-header creation
  • Reporting and actioning upon key metrics
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Optimisation & A/B testing

It’s important to always be testing, there are many variables to test with e-mail marketing, here’s our approach:

  • Optimisation of subject lines, send time, content
  • Open rate optimisation through subject line and send-time testing
  • Click through rate optimisation through content and call-to-action testing
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