Client Experience

From our offices in Hong Kong, London and Bali, we serve a range of clients throughout Asia and Europe that benefits from not only our passion for marketing, but also our global presence combined with our local knowledge.

We have worked with both large companies and start ups in a variety of industries such as hospitality, food & drinks, logistics, travel, retail e-commerce, real-estate and banking. Their common factor, and our cup of tea, is their need to grow their business through digital marketing.

Some clients want us to be their extended marketing team, whereas others needs a second pair of hands from time to time, or training of their employees. Some needs a six month multi-channel campaign, whereas others want to upscale in just one area. No matter the business challenge, we put together the best suitable team and process.

Selection of prior and current clients

Fifth Black Media | Client | Taksu Digital
Doctify - Taksu Digital
Victor - Taksu Digital
Big Dish | Client | Taksu Digital
Compare Retreats | Taksu Digital
CAG - Taksu Digital
Skandiastyle - Taksu Digital
Guiltless - Taksu Digital
Gini - Taksu Digital
Killem Pest - Taksu Digital
Titan - Taksu Digital
Call Levels - Taksu Digital
Chin Family - Taksu Digital
Huhangwu - Taksu Digital
JJ Threads - Taksu Digital
Safaris Online - Taksu Digital
Yeechoo - Taksu Digital
Travel Dubai - Taksu Digital

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