Brand Workshop

The Brand Workshop is an effective way to bring together stakeholders to develop the direction for the brand. The workshop is led by our brand strategist ranging from 2-3 hours to a full day where we use tailored tools and frameworks to discuss the new direction for brand elements such as:

  • Vision, Mission, Tagline, Values
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Brand Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Personality 
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Identity & Design


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Brand Strategy

Based on the Brand Workshop we develop a Strategy dependent on your needs and marketing channels. Choose from the examples below or have us tailor a strategy for you:

  • Complete Brand Strategy
  • Strategy for Branding in Social Media
  • Strategy for Branding in E-mail Marketing
  • Strategy for Branding across European and Asian markets
  • Strategy for Visual Branding and Copywriting 


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