We provide comprehensive, strategic brand consulting helping you to better understand your market, define a clear direction for your brand and produce creative brand assets or a full rebrand to help you grow

Market Research

To develop a clear brand direction we conduct thorough market analysis: 

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Market Opportunities & Growth Analysis

Brand Workshop & Strategy

To develop a distinct and valued brand you first need to define a clear strategy:

  • Brand Workshop: Through our interactive workshop we bring together stakeholders to develop a brand direction.
  • Brand Strategy: The outcome is summarized in a Brand Strategy including key strategic elements of the brand and a suggested scope for further brand and asset development.depending on needs,
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Rebranding or Brand Refresh

Based on the Market Research, the Brand Workshop and Strategy, we can help you with a full rebrand or a refresh of selected brand assets:

  • Rebrand: A complete change of your Brand Name, Visuals, Text and other Online and Offline Brand Assets 
  • Refresh: An update of selected brand assets 

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