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As the first part of our new regular #TaksuTrends feature, we thought there was no better place to start than to analyse the organic visibility of the organic food sites offering delivery to its customers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Online organic food shops in Southeast Asia have exploded over the past few years, as more people are becoming more health conscious and understanding more about food and how pesticides are used more frequently in the food they eat and therefore there is more consumer demand for organic food (or as our grandparents called it “food”).

The following insights piece provides an overview of who are the key players in the organic food delivery markets and which websites have the best organic visibility in Google with the help of our good friends at SEM Rush, whilst also cross-referencing data with SimilarWeb data.

Most importantly, we provide key SEO insights into why each website is performing at high (or not so high) level in terms of organic visibility.

We’ll start by analysing the key players in Singapore (Google.com.sg) and Hong Kong (Google.com.hk) regions and then classify each website based on their organic search visibility.

During our analysis we discovered that there are two main niches within the online organic food delivery market…. Organic Grocery Delivery Websites and Organic Health Meal Delivery Websites, so in our analysis we decided to categorise these niches using separate categories of analysis within each country.


Singapore Flag


Singapore is one of the most popular countries to get organic groceries delivered with more and more people turning to organic food, it is a country where many have good disposal incomes to pay a premium price that organic and health food often commands.

Organic Grocery Delivery Websites

First of all we looked into websites where organic groceries can be delivered to your door. There are numerous websites in Singapore now offering this service and it becoming a very competitive market online.

The “Cream of the Organic Crop” (Tier 1)

OrganicDelivery Logo   SuperNature Logo    Kenny Grocery Online Logo  PurelyFresh Logo   BestOrganicFood Logo

Organic Grocery Stores - Best SEO Traffic in Singapore

Organicdelivery.sg appeared to have the best organic visibility in the search engines until the beginning of 2017 but Kennygroceryonline.com now appears to be the leader with its organic food section within a larger general grocery website.


  • The sites listed above have good rankings for generic such as “organic food singapore”, which is largely due to well-optimised home page content that each site has
  • Good clear website navigation that links through to all key food categories and products, which allows search engines to crawl other pages efficiently. Purelyfresh.com.sg and Kennygroceryonline.com are the best examples of this best practice setup
  • The websites performing better in the highest tier of organic search in Singapore tend to have higher domain authorities (a link focused scoring metric developed by Moz). This means they tend to have better quality links and often more links pointing to their domains than other competitors who are not ranking as well overall.
  • Related to the above point, these websites may have been around for a little while longer than other competitors which has allowed them to develop more SEO authority through age and links acquired to the domain over time.

Opportunities to Improve

  • Optimising deeper product pages and sections. As the websites in this top tier have good coverage for generic terms such as “organic food singapore” but very little visibility for specific organic food category terms or specific product keywords
  • To add more optimised keyword focused content into more sub category menu pages, which is likely to increase the amount of unique keyword variations a specific category page will rank for


The “Potential Fertile Lands” (Tier 2)

The Organic Grocer Logo             Open Taste Logo             SG Organic Logo           Go Fresh Logo            Yes Natural Logo

Organic Grocery Stores - Mid SEO Traffic in Singapore

theorganicgrocer.com appears to have had a surge in organic visibility on Google.com.sg since December 2016


  • Some good organic rankings held for some generic “organic food” related search terms
  • Some of the websites in this tier have well designed websites with good user navigation

Opportunities to Improve

  • Meta Titles could be improved on all main product and category pages. Most sites in this category just list the main product name which is often due to the Page Title being automated (via the Content Management System being used) to reflect the main heading on the web page. Adding USP call to actions and additional keywords in the page titles will help to increase click through rate from the search engines and also rank higher for a broader range of related keywords.
  • To enhance user navigation menus and improving internal page linking as a result. As an example theorganicgrocer.com.sg only one page linking through to its food category pages rather than have every page linking to each food category as part of its main menu
  • Improve URL structures to be more keyword relevant and remove & and = symbols
  • Improve page load speeds on desktop and mobile versions as sites such as gofresh.com.sg and yesnatural.sg have low page load speeds


The “Fallow Fields” (Tier 3)

Green Circle Logo           Simply Fresh Logo                Straits Market Logo

Organic Grocery Stores - Low SEO Traffic in Singapore

The sites in this category do tend be almost niche websites within the organic food niche however there are ways these sites can gain more organic visibility by making improvement on their sites.

Opportunities to Improve

  • Like the “Tier 2” websites, Meta Titles could be improved on all main product and category pages and adding call to actions and additional keywords within the page titles will help to optimise each page further
  • Additional keyword optimized content could be included both on the home page and the product hub category pages
  • More supplementary content could be included in the form of recipes and blogs to help to internally link to other product pages.


Organic Health Meal Delivery Websites

Pre-portioned organic health meal deliveries have become a lot more popular in the last few years. Below are the main websites that offer such services who have a certain amount of organic search engine presence.

Spinacas Logo     Spinacas Logo     Grain Logo     Fit Three Logo     Fitness Ration Logo

SEO Traffic for Healthy Meals Delivery Sites in Singapore

Grain.com.sg has a significant lead over other health food delivery sites in terms of organic visibility. This is because it has very good page 1 rankings in Google.com.sg for terms such as “healthy food delivery singapore

Opportunities to Improve

  • To create new landing pages targeting specific types of pre-prepared meals for example, vegetarian, vegan and paleo could be types of meal deliveries people may search for.
  • As this niche has less target keywords to rank for in the search engines it’s important to have optimized content on the home page that clearly outlines what the concept is and includes the main target keywords
  • The sites analysed tend to have poor mobile page load speed and because sites in this niche in Singapore are more likely to attract mobile visitors this should be a key area of focus for these websites


Hong Kong Flag

Hong Kong

Whilst perhaps not as mature a market as yet, Hong Kong is starting to see more online players in the organic and health food markets with a number of niches being carved our in this area.

Organic Grocery Delivery Websites

There are not as many organic grocery delivery websites in Hong Kong as there appear to be in Singapore

The “Cream of the Organic Crop” (Tier 1)

Eat Fresh Logo          The Fresh Grower Logo

Best Organic Grocery Delivery Sites in Hong Kong for SEO

Eatfresh.com.hk and freshgrower.com.hk had a much larger organic visibility in Google.com.hk in 2016 but in 2017 this superiority has reduced somewhat.

The “Potential Fertile Lands” (Tier 2)

Just Green Logo               Jou Sun Logo               Green Little Frog Logo               Buonissimo Logo

SEO Visibility for Organic Grocery Delivery Sites in Hong Kong - Mid-Tier

Jousun.com and Justgreen.com.hk have shown signs of improving but have not been able to gain the same visibility as the two sites listed in the “tier 1” category.


  • Jousun.com has an optimized navigation layout to access its organic and health grocery sections specifically, which is why it can compete with specialist organic grocery websites in terms of organic search visibility

Opportunities to Improve

  • To create more dedicated landing pages for specific food types
  • Improve the category definitions of product pages to make them more target keyword focused
  • Most sites need to look at improving their menu navigation so users and search engines can navigate deeper pages more effectively
  • Page load speeds need significant improvement across almost all the sites listed in the tier 1 graph


Organic Health Meal Delivery Websites

Hong Kong has a number of healthy meal delivery services that caters for those who have busy lifestyles, work long hours but want to stay healthy.

There are two distinctive tiers of healthy food delivery websites in terms of organic search engine visibility in Google.com.hk

The “Superfood” Group (Tier 1)

Secret Ingredient Logo             Eat Right Logo           Nosh Logo             Nutrition Kitchen Logo                Paleo Taste Logo

SEO Visibility for Health Meal Delivery Sites in Hong Kong - Top Sites

Secretingredient.com.hk has the best organic visibility and started to increase its visibility versus its competitors from September 2016


  • Secretingredient.com.hk ranks well for a number of meal and food delivery related search keywords because it optimises its Meta page title very well on the home page and includes relevant target keywords on the home page as well.
  • Nosh.hk and Secretingredient.com.hk have relatively high domain authorities in relation to other competitors, which suggests that these sites have stronger backlink profiles

Opportunities to Improve

  • Adding specific delivery location landing pages to target people who add a specific location to their search keywords. Nosh.hk already specifies its location on its website on its main page but could benefit from individual location landing pages
  • Adding new pages dedicated to certain types of food meals could also provide additional organic traffic for websites in the niche


In Need of More SEO Nutrition (Tier 2)

Frensh Logo            Mealthy Logo            green box health factory Logo             Crave Healthy Food Logo            Eatology Asia Logo

SEO Visibility for Health Meals Delivery Sites in Hong Kong SEO - Low Performers

Frensh.hk did have a higher visibility than some of the other competitors with low organic visibility suggesting they may have appeared higher at one stage for more common food delivery terms in Google.com.hk 


  • Greenboxhealth.hk and Cravehealthyfood.com has the best navigation menus and page layouts of the sites listed in the graph above
  • Sites such as Cravehealthyfood.com and Eatologyasia.com do have pages dedicated to certain meal types

Opportunities to Improve

  • Sites such as Mealthy.com.hk and Optmeal.com have the opportunity add new pages dedicated to certain types of food meals


Disclaimer: TaksuDigital.com does not work with any of the websites at the time of writing this article. This analysis and insight is based on the organic traffic information provided by SEM Rush’s keyword databases in each local country.   

If you’d like us to analyse a specific industry online in Asia or look at who are performing best for organic search in your sector then please get in touch at contact@taksudigital.com

Alternatively if you’d like to know how we could help boost the organic search visibility of your website in your marketplace, please visit our seo services page or contact us on the email address listed above.


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