Make your content more visually engaging with these 7 WordPress Plugins

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Content marketing is a seriously competitive channel when it comes to promoting your website in order to gain more traffic and links to your site. Writing the most interesting blog posts in the world may still not get the traction you hoped for if you are not making your blog posts and articles look and […]

How to Beat the Google Cryptocurrency Ban with Good SEO

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With Google recently announcing that Cryptocurrency advertising will be banned for all paid Google ads (Google AdWords) come June 2018, those marketing cryptocurrency websites such as exchanges may need to look at alternative ways to gain traffic to their website. Once the ban is in place, gaining traffic from Google will require a high-quality SEO strategy on your […]

Google to display warning messages on http non-secure pages from July 2018

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  Last year we highlighted the importance of moving your website to a https secure version, and Google started to step up the rhetoric on this issue as a new batch of warning messages via Google Search Console in August 2017 started to appear in Webmasters’ Google Search Console http website property accounts. Google originally […]

#TaksuTrends: Who Google thinks the Best Co-working Spaces and Virtual Offices are in Hong Kong and Singapore

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Over the past few years co-working spaces have become a lot more popular across Asia. No more so than in Singapore and Hong Kong where traditional office space is regarded as some of the most expensive in the world to rent office space. In this month’s edition of #TaksuTrends we analyze the organic visibility of […]

#TaksuTrends: SEO Visibility of Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Singapore and Hong Kong

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The rise of online Cryptocurrency exchanges has exploded in the last few years in line with rocketing value of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the recent rise of alt coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple as serious competitors of Bitcoin, each with their own unique characteristics, has boosted interest in cryptocurrencies to […]

#TaksuTrends: SEO Visibility of Organic Food Websites in Hong Kong and Singapore

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As the first part of our new regular #TaksuTrends feature, we thought there was no better place to start than to analyse the organic visibility of the organic food sites offering delivery to its customers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Online organic food shops in Southeast Asia have exploded over the past few years, as more […]

Is your website https ready? And If not, why it needs to be soon.

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Is your website secure? If the answer is no then you should be looking to change your site to https in 2017 Https has been around for quite some time now and according to a recent study around 50% of page 1 search results are https websites. This is expected to increase significantly throughout the […]

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