Choosing the right Brand Architecture Strategy

All companies with a portfolio of brands have a Brand Architecture, but the question is do they have a Brand Architecture Strategy? Most marketeers only think about their Brand Architecture Strategy during times of change such as mergers, acquisitions, launches and when rebranding, as they get forced to look at the bigger picture. This often […]

Ignite Digital is now Taksu Digital

As of May 2018, Ignite Digital rebranded to Taksu Digital. Our Journey When we founded Ignite Digital, our team consisted of four founders wanting to provide a higher calibre of digital marketing to Hong Kong with the benefit of global experience, and to help “ignite” businesses there. And that was how Ignite Digital was born. […]

Six Tips for Branding in Social Media

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A brand’s presence in social media must not be taken lightly. The ultimate goal for all brand managers and marketers is to have strong brand relationships with your customers, but to get there you must ensure a consistent brand experience throughout your touch points and channels. Therefore you need to have a plan for how […]

Building Strong Brands with the Customer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model

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“I would like a strong brand, please” “Thank you for your request. Do you want a bag with that?” No, it is not that easy. Lucky for us, since helping brands grow literally is our job. A strong brand is not something you can get delivered over a counter, it is something you build over […]

Why a Brand Personality is a Must Have and How You Make One

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Often when people are asked to describe a product or a service, they often list up the functional traits of what it looks like or how it works. However, when they are asked to describe the brand behind it, they shift towards more symbolic adjectives and talks as if it was a person, or even […]

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