What is Taksu?

In 2018, Ignite Digital rebranded to Taksu Digital as we wanted a new, unique name that we could build into a strong brand.

The word "Taksu" is a unique Balinese concept, meaning charisma, spiritual power or the artistic inspiration needed to truly capture eyes, minds and hearts of the audience, both human and divine. The Zone or Flow, if you want.

As hard as Taksu is to describe, you definitely know it when you see it. The teacher who goes beyond his curriculum to inspire his class in new, creative ways. The designer who sits through the night to get the logo just right. Or the marketeer who inspires you with new ideas – even though you never asked.

Taksu is not only the performance you see in these individuals, it is the passion behind what they do as they are on a continious quest to learn and grow. For us, its a symbol and leading star of never stopping in developing our skills. That is why we designed the logo to match, with different pieces and layers working together in the same direction to create something bigger than what each piece would be just by themselves. Just as we are growing as individual marketing experts in our agency.

Read more about our rebranding in May 2018, about our company and meet our senior team.

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